Pacific laser systems(PLS) was founded about 20 years. Within 20 years, it has become a manufacturer of one of the finest reference line layout tools around the world. The company was built by contractor. Its products are dedicated for contractors. PLS 180 laser level is one of the most popular models by Pacific Laser Systems.

Where to use

The laser levels could be used in many different areas. Smaller jobs like installing cabinets, doors and etc. It could possibly be used to do layout works. They will not replace the traditional bubble levels or spirit levels. But, to complete the same jobs costs less time with laser levels. It could be such a time saver for you.

PLS PLS180 laser levelOverall review

The PLS 180 will self level within 6 degrees. It’s accuracy is up to 1/8 of inch at 30 feet. This accuracy could be good for most of the indoor jobs. The PLS laser levels comes with a magnetic wall bracket to facilitate the work. And it also comes with a rigid carrying case plus a soft protective pouch. The unit is under three-year limited warranty.

During use, you can press the ON button to select level beam, plumb beam, level and plumb beam with self leveling on, or level and plumb beams without self leveling. This level and plumb beams without self leveling mode is especially useful to project a straight laser lines for projects such as laying out your stair rails or any surface that is slightly sloped. The unit is great for indoor use. However, you can also activate the pulse setting to use that for outdoor applications. Of course this is used with PLS laser detector.

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Pros and Cons

PLS 180 laser level receives great reviews on Amazon(link). People think that the unit gives beautifully clear level in the plumb lines over 180°. It saves you a lot of time during the project. Some people use it to install the cabinets. Line sets and done within 10 minutes with laser levels, which usually takes hours to do it with the regular bubble level. However, it should be noted that a device is delicate. We should handle it with care, especially in a busy job site.

PLS180g Laser Level Green


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All in all, PLS 180 laser level is a great unit. As mentioned before, you can still finish those leveling jobs with the spirit levels. But with laser levels, everything become so efficient. It will save you tremendous amount of time. If you are looking for a laser level, this unit could be one of best options for you to look into.