The DeWalt has a huge presence in the hand tool and power tool market. You can find their product lines in one of those hardware stores easily. DeWalt also carries a product line of laser levels. The DeWalt DW089K is one of its top line laser level products. It has several design enhancements to improve productivity on the job site. Are you still look for the best laser level for your project? This is a worthwhile candidate. At getlaserlevel, we recommend it.

Overall Review

The DeWalt DW089K is one of its top line models. It features 3 beam line laser to help with 90-Degree layout; The DW089K features a second plumb line to facilitate your work. It is accurate to 1/8 inch at 30 feet for level applications. It also uses a brighter diode to increase visibility in job site.


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dewaltdw0892This line Laser has a micro adjust knob for easy alignment. So, you do not have to nudge the laser to hit a specific mark. The unit features self leveling within 4 degrees. It will signal when it is out of level. The unit has a built-in magnetic pivot bracket that mounts easily onto the metal surface. Then, the unit can turn from left to right. Also, the unit can be mounted onto the regular camera tripod. The laser level supports a full-time pulse mode allowing for use with the DW0892 line laser detector to extend the working range up to 165 feet. The unit is under three-year warranty.


From Customer

This laser level receives positive reviews from Amazon. People think that the unit is very durable with its metal roll cage. Also, customers think that the laser of DW089K is brighter than that of DW087K. One thing people think it can improve on is that there is no means of securing the delicate pendulum mechanism, that is, pendulum lock.


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All in all, this is very good laser level from DeWalt. It receives almost 5 star reviews from amazon. If you want to 3 beam line laser, this could your ideal choice.