DeWalt has a huge presence in the hand tool in a powerful tool market. You can find their product lines in one of those hardware stores easily.

DW087K laser level review

dewalt dw087kDeWalt also carry a product line of laser levels. The DeWalt DW087K is one of the most popular models in its offering. It is a cross line laser level. The unit features self leveling within 5°. It has an out of level flashing indicator that kicks in when out of level. The unit has a built-in magnetic pivot bracket. The bracket can be attached to the metal stud. And the unit can be turned left to right 180°. Plus, it can fit in the regular camera tripod such as your video camera tripod. This laser level operates with three AA batteries which delivers about 20 hours run time on average. The unit is under three-year limited warranty.

This laser level has reasonably good reviews from Amazon. Some users point out a few things that could be added to improve its overall functionality. First, there is no pendulum lock when when the unit is turned off. Second, the unit does not provide a plumb/bob reference(here is the link). Nevertheless, the unit has a solid built and does what it says.

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DEWALT DW088K laser level review

The unit is similar to DW087K. It projects bright crossing horizontal and vertical lines. Its self leveling range is +/-4°. It has a over-molded housing. What’s different from 087K model is that 088K model supports a full time pulse mode. It allows the use of a laser detector to extend the working range to up to 165 feet.

DeWalt 088K  laser level

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DW087K is a solid unit to have. And, it also receives reasonably good reviews. Hope the review at getlaserlevel helps you find your best laser level for your next project.