Bosch makes some of the best contractor tools in the world. It has leading technology in the laser measurement and leveling. Its line of laser levels are very popular among DIYers and professionals. Its laser levels are developed by the the power tools division of the Bosch group.

 Overall Review

The Bosch GLL3-80 is it’s top-of-the-line laser levels. The unit provides three precise 360 degree plane coverage in both horizontal and vertical applications. The unit is self leveling. If it’s out of level, it beeps and its beam flashes. Of course, this self leveling mechanism could be turned off to project angled laser lines for application like setting up a titled surface. It is ideal for people who need quick 360° plumb and vertical lines. The unit has a freestanding base with magnets on site on the side so you can attach it to the metal track. At the bottom, it has 1/4-inch 20 (regular camera tripod mounting) or 5/8-inch 11 tripod mounting. This laser level also comes with WM1 positioning device with micro height adjustment adjustment. This position device is so great that it deserves its own post. You can fine-adjust the height of the WM1 bracket with the small tuning knob. That eliminates one of the biggest problems with laser level applications, micro vertical adjustment adjustment. In application, sometimes you may want to adjust that level line to match the existing level marks on the wall.

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When the switch is turned off, the pendulum is in lock-down, which protects the unit during transportation and preserve its accuracy as it gets tossed around. The unit also has the pulse laser receive mode that extends its range in outdoor. Bosch GLL3-80 is protected against dust and water. It has a molded rubber housing that is easy to hold on.boschGLL3-80d

According to customer reviews, the laser by this unit is bright and can be seen outdoor. People also think this unit is a great time saver and boosts up the productivity tremendously. One small trick you can is to use the cross line of two vertical beams as the plumb bob.

The Bosch GLL3-80 laser level is a great tool to have. It will save you tremendous amount of time when you set up level and vertical lines on the job site. Is this the best laser level for your application? Well, we may not know. But, it is definitely a model worth looking into. Hope this review bring you one step closer to your next laser level. If you have any question, let feel free to contact us at