Bosch is a major player in terms of the hand tools and powering tools. Their tools are reputable for their qualities and durability among the DIYers, general contractors and home builders. Bosch’s name has become synonymous with engineering excellence. The Bosch laser levels are developed by Bosch tools that is the power tools division of the Bosch group.

Why use laser levels?

The introduction of laser levels does not necessarily mean the end of the regular bubble levels. Bubble levels or spirit levels are still very useful for lots of on site jobs. But with laser levels, it allows one person to set up level marks effortlessly. Essentially, you can do the same job in much less time with the laser level. It is a great time saver.


Bosch GLL2-50 crossline laser levelsBosch GLL2-50b laser level

Bosch GLL2-50 is one of most popular laser levels by Bosch. It gives cross line pattern accurate to one quarter of inch at the 100 feet. That is quite impressive. Of course, you can choose to project vertical line, horizontal line only or both by toggling through different modes. The fanout of its horizontal line is about 130 degrees while its vertical line has a fan angle of 160 degrees. The unit has a robust over-molded housing. It is water and dustproof(IP 54) to ensure years of the use. The unit has a self leveling mechanism. It will self level up to 4°. And, if the unit senses that it is out of level, the beam will flash rapidly to notify the users. But, you can also turn off the self leveling mechanism to lock the laser line for any angles. With the auto leveling mechanism turnoff, the beam will flash slowly when the unit is out of level (intetionally). This is quite useful feature for the application like installing handrails.

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Bosch GLL2-50



The unit comes with the WM1 positioning device. The device is so great that it almost deserves a post by itself. With the WM1 positioning device, you can micro adjust the height of the laser beam to match the existing level marks on the wall. That eliminates one of the biggest headache that you could have had, laser level vertical adjustment. The WM1 positioning device is magnetic and also has a keyhole slot on its back so you can hang it onto the wall.

The Bosch GLL2-50 runs with three AA batteries and comes with a three-year warranty. The unit is suitable for indoor use. But, if you ever want to use it for outdoors, you can turn on a laser receiver mode that works well with the optional LR2 laser receiver to extend its working range up to 165 feet.



This is a great laser level from Bosch and suitable for indoor use. With the pulse level mode, it can also support the outdoor application. The Bosch GLL2-50 could be the best bet for your next line laser level.